Tiansuan Constellation-Satellites


Tiansuan2 (Innovation Raytheon)

Payloads: Satellite-earth fusion network service platform

Research units: BUPT, HUAWEI CLOUD


1. Satellite remote sensing inference system based on KubeEdge. HUAWEI CLOUD

2. On-orbit lightweight 5G core network V2 deployment test. BUPT.

3. QUIC protocol on-orbit verification. BUPT.

4. Lightweight satellite edge computing system. BUPT.

5. On-orbit test of 6G core network cognitive service network elements. BUPT.


Carry out the preliminary verification of the Tiansuan Constellation and the satellite-ground fusion service platform.


Lay the technical foundation for the construction of an on-orbit open-source platform for space-air computing evaluation and provide technical support for the realization of comprehensive manufacturing facilities, 6G, and satellite Internet.


The world's first QUIC protocol on-orbit test verification.

 Next plan:

Implement batch deployment on Tiansuan Constellations.