Tiansuan Constellation-Satellites


Tiansuan2 (Innovation Raytheon)

Payloads: Satellite-earth fusion network service platform

Research units: BUPT, HUAWEI CLOUD, BJUT


1. Satellite remote sensing inference system based on KubeEdge. HUAWEI CLOUD

2. On-orbit lightweight 5G core network V2 deployment test. BUPT.

3. QUIC protocol on-orbit verification. BUPT.

4. Lightweight satellite edge computing system. BUPT.

5. On-orbit test of 6G core network cognitive service network elements. BUPT.

6. Adaptive service supplying framework for satellite edge computing. BJUT


Carry out the preliminary verification of the Tiansuan Constellation and the satellite-ground fusion service platform.


Lay the technical foundation for the construction of an on-orbit open-source platform for space-air computing evaluation and provide technical support for the realization of comprehensive manufacturing facilities, 6G, and satellite Internet.


The world's first QUIC protocol on-orbit test verification.

 Next plan:

Implement batch deployment on Tiansuan Constellations.