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Call for members: Join the Tiansuan Community to jointly build the Tiansuan Constellation

  Six hundred years ago, Europe was in the midst of a serious involution. Countries rushed into the sea to explore new resources and living space. As new continents and civilizations were discovered, new shipping routes were opened and new resources were brought home. The new technologies of the Age of Navigation not only opened a new era of human civilization, but also shaped the global operating orders that continues to this day.

  We face bottlenecks in numerous human development issues in recent times, such as global warming, severe major country competitions, prominent social conflicts, and the coexistence of industrial overcapacity and resource depletion. It is critical for us to embark on interstellar voyages, expand the boundaries of existence, and drive the advancement of civilization, as in the Age of Exploration. China and the United States went to the moon, Tianwen 1 landed on Mars, the Parker Solar Probe flew through the corona of the Sun, and the Webb Space Telescope was launched.

  We wonder whether the new technology of interstellar resources and civilization exploration will push mankind into the era of interstellar civilization or become a dimensionality reduction strike under the competition of great powers?

   Despite the rapid development of Internet communication technology, 80% of the land and 90% of the ocean on earth are still not covered by mobile network signals, and 50% of the global population still faces difficulties in accessing the Internet. People in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and other developing regions still have not enjoyed the benefits brought by the great development of network communication technology for human society.

   The second question we would like to raise: How can we build a better world and a community with a shared future for mankind?

  We do not have easy answers to the above two questions yet, but we have been thinking about the responsibility with respect to the human development. For example, satellites and their networks will play a major role in building a better world as mankind moves towards the era of interstellar navigation. We firmly believe that satellites are the first stop for mankind to expand the living space. They are the beacons that light up the world and connect the planets in the age of interstellar navigation.

  However, due to the high technical barriers, such as satellite (network), large development expenditures, and numerous unknown risks of space technology, enterprises or research institutes that eager to solve the problems of the human living environment are shut out. Therefore, we have jointly built an open-source space computing on-orbit test platform, also known as Space Computing Constellation (www.tiansuan.org.cn), in cooperation with Tianyi Research Institute and other Industry-University-Research-Application organizations.

  The positioning of Tiansuan Constellation is benefiting humanity, aiming at the research frontier and international leadership, and adhering to the open-source and industry-university-research-application model. The first phase of the Constellation consists of six low-orbit satellites (including ground stations, cloud and supercomputing centers, open service platforms, etc.). The first pilot satellite was launched on December 7, 2021. Three more satellites will be launched in 2022. Constellation phase I will be completed in 2023 (Phase II and Phase III will be launched successively after meeting expectations). The main tasks of the first phase are satellite-ground network, 6G core network, space service computing, cloud-native satellite edge computing, satellite data networking, satellite operating system, satellite-borne AI acceleration platform, device and load testing, integration of operation control system and TT&C system, satellite-ground cloud supercomputing center, public service capability open platform, etc.

  Tiansuan Constellation is committed to exploring new forms of space computing, empowering satellite networks with satellite computing, and bridging the needs of communication, navigation, remote sensing, and other space application with computing services. Facing the development trend in space business and services, Tiansuan Constellation will breakthrough innovation barriers and achieve research goals, such as heterogeneous constellation interconnection, satellite-ground network integration, device load innovation, and application data sharing. Tiansuan Constellation will also build an intelligent and comprehensive digital information infrastructure. It will provide technical support for the exploration of human interstellar civilization and the construction of interstellar networks. In addition, Tiansuan Constellation will provide a platform for communication and resource sharing among organizations in the space computing industry, academia, research, and applications.

  To this end, Tiansuan Community is recruiting the first batch of members from enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes, etc., to jointly build the Tiansuan Constellation, contribute to space computing, and let the interstellar beacon guide the path of civilization exploration!

  Please fill in the application form (see Attachement 1), submit it to xuxiaobin@bjut.edu.cn, and copy it to buptts@163.com before 24:00 on March 20, 2022.

Shuzhen Li (BUPT)  +86 13316882872

Xiaobin Xu (BJUT)   +86 13401198697

Yunhao Fu (Spacety)  +86 18701316801

January 7, 2022

Interstellar Network and Intelligent Computing Laboratory

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Research Institute (Shenzhen)

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