Tiansuan Constellation-Satellites


Tiansuan-1 (Baoyun)

Payloads: Satellite intelligent service and computing platform

Research units: BUPT, China Mobile Research Institute, Peking University


1. On-orbit deployment test of 5G soft base station and core network. BUPT

2. On-orbit deployment test of cognitive service architecture for 6G core network. BUPT

3. KubeEdge+Sedna edge computing smart base deployment. BUPT

4. On-orbit UPF deployment. China Mobile Research Institute

5. DOIP protocol. Peking University


Carry out preliminary test verification for the computing and communication platform in Tiansuan Constellation.


Lay the technical foundation for the construction of an on-orbit open-source test platform for space-air computing evaluation, and provide technical support for the realization of comprehensive manufacturing facilities, 6G, and satellite Internet.


1. The world's first smart satellite with cloud-native and edge computing capabilities.

2. The world's first on-orbit deployment of 5G soft base stations, and on-orbit interconnection between soft base stations and 5G core networks.

3. The world's first on-orbit verification of the distributed cognitive service-oriented architecture for 6G core network.

 Next plan:

Implement batch deployment on Tiansuan Constellation.