Tiansuan Constellation-Satellites



Research units: BUPT, Tianyi Research Institute, Peking University

 Main tasks:

The core node of the open open source platform for aerospace computing in-orbit experiments of the Sky Computing Constellation.

 Other tasks:

1. Support distributed spaceborne AI inference test, spaceborne 5G core network V4 test, deployment of lightweight network element test based on eBPF, satellite-ground link reliability test, spaceborne network protocol agent, satellite-ground awareness transmission, real-time video streaming transmission, satellite-ground link transmission performance measurement, IP-optical fusion networking, and satellite application capability exposure

2. Support on-orbit deployment and experiments such as the No. 3 node of Peking University's data network, Tsinghua University's loTDB IoT database, Beihang University's lightweight container, Yantai University's multi-space crowd sensing, Hunan University of Science and Technology's distributed data security encrypted transmission, and Ascend AI's Atlas 200AI acceleration module


The first main star of the Tiansuan Constellation, promoting the construction of a satellite-ground collaborative computing platform.


It lays a technical foundation for the construction of an in-orbit open source test platform for aerospace computing, and provides technical support for China's construction of intelligent comprehensive digital infrastructure, 6G network and satellite Internet.


The application of cloud native technology system to satellites overcomes key technical challenges such as container weight reduction, satellite-ground network protocol compatibility, integration of spaceborne switching technology and satellite heterogeneous equipment management under power consumption and heat dissipation imbalance, so that Beiyou-1 satellite has the ability of payload service combination, which effectively solves the problems of incompatible traditional satellite payloads, difficult reuse of software and hardware, and slow technical iteration caused by difficulty in meeting the service diversity of users and the timeliness of experiments

 Next plan:

Research on cloud-native satellites and technical systems that support inter-satellite links, and promote the construction of cloud-native ground stations.